Creative Business Dictionary: Passion

As a journalism major in college, I developed a strong affinity for words. They are deep, complex, and have the ability to convey multiple messages. Now, as a creative small business owner, many words have taken on new meanings, and I am constantly catching myself seeing the world from a different angle. Each week, we look … Continue reading Creative Business Dictionary: Passion

Why I Took Beginner Knitting

I admit it. I signed up for Beginner Knitting and already "knew" how to knit. (Never fear - this was disclosed to the instructor!) So, why on earth would I take a basic class in a skill I already knew? 1|  I know my weaknesses. Yes, I had a working knowledge of the fundamentals, but … Continue reading Why I Took Beginner Knitting

Relaunch Recap

We're more than two weeks into the Nothing Past Nine "Grand Re-Opening," and I want to see what you think and give myself a reality check in the process! You're currently enjoying the most important aspect of the relaunch which is this website. The idea was to be modern, clean, and  highlight the products from the … Continue reading Relaunch Recap