Get to Know Us – Our Scarves

As a retail shop, it’s only right that we take a couple of weeks in this Get to Know Us series to introduce you the products we sell. So we’re starting off with our best selling products – our scarves!

Scarves on TableBeing a native of Wisconsin, there is a large portion of my wardrobe that goes unused for 99.98% of the year here in Charlotte. I grew up layering and being prepared for frigid temperatures. Now, a medium weight jacket and a sweater gets me through most days.

The problem is my office; it is always chilly in my workspace. When I realized I could get away with wearing scarves indoors and out, day in and day out, my life changed. Maybe it wasn’t a profound change, but not shivering all day was a nice change of pace!

If I’m being completely honest, there is a secondary, more embarrassing reason that I began to develop my scarf collection: I have no sense of fashion! I don’t consider myself unstylish, but I am far from trendy and lean heavily on the conservative side. Scarves add pizzazz, pattern, texture, and make me feel like I can mix up outfits and be pretty without be uncomfortable! The infinity style also allows for easy (read lazy) wearing and quick adjustments.

Scarves Knit on TableAll our cotton scarves are left unfinished on the edges for a natural drape. The sewn joint is thin and comfortable on the neck. Arm knit cowls and scarves are all tested (by me!) for wearability. Unless expressly noted, yarn is synthetic or a synthetic blend that doesn’t lead to itching and irritation that some wool and other blends may.

This is the fifth post in our Get To Know Us series, but if you missed any of the other posts in this eight part series, you can find them all HERE. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!