Welcome to Entrepreneurship!

You haven’t heard from me in quite some, sorry! My goals, my business and this blog have taken many turns over the last few years, but I am excited about some recent developments and hope to start a shift that will make a big difference in my life.

As my husband and I slowly inch our way closer to possibly, maybe, considering the potential of thinking about starting a family, I’ve had to take stock of where we’re at. Myself in particular. My best friend recently lost her baby boy, Jonah, at 30-weeks pregnant, and if that doesn’t shake someone to the core, I don’t know what would. Her experience and thoughts of my future family put different lenses on my view of life – my career, my schedule, my values.

In nearly three decades of living, I can’t say I ever thought I’d be, or want to be, a stay at home mom. It wasn’t that I thought the role beneath me or didn’t want to spend time with my children, but that I truly love what I do and always want to be a contributing partner in finances. There wasn’t even a dream that I could do both.

Now, I see potential. I have inspiration from my courageous sister who changed careers, my brother-in-law who left a lucrative position to find happiness, and as usual, my best friend who is a pillar of strength and light in my life. If I want to eventually work from home while continuing to contribute to finances and the well-being of our family, I can do it!

So, as this blog and site take another turn, I hope to create a place that promotes me, my story, my talents and my interests. Sound selfish? It kind of is! BUT, I do it because I know I’m not alone and because I know I’ll need support. I’m starting to hone my skills and figure out how I can support myself without the comfort and stability of a “normal” job. There will be struggles I want to share, learning moments that I hope will help someone else, and hopefully successes to thank you for participating in!

This bumpy road of on-again, off-again blogging and sporadic social media presence has lead me here. I’m not “special,” but I’m willing to learn, to try and to work my tail off. I think I’ve finally turned the corner from being a hobbyist, and am excited to step into being an entrepreneur!

Get to Know Us – Our Scarves

As a retail shop, it’s only right that we take a couple of weeks in this Get to Know Us series to introduce you the products we sell. So we’re starting off with our best selling products – our scarves!

Scarves on TableBeing a native of Wisconsin, there is a large portion of my wardrobe that goes unused for 99.98% of the year here in Charlotte. I grew up layering and being prepared for frigid temperatures. Now, a medium weight jacket and a sweater gets me through most days.

The problem is my office; it is always chilly in my workspace. When I realized I could get away with wearing scarves indoors and out, day in and day out, my life changed. Maybe it wasn’t a profound change, but not shivering all day was a nice change of pace!

If I’m being completely honest, there is a secondary, more embarrassing reason that I began to develop my scarf collection: I have no sense of fashion! I don’t consider myself unstylish, but I am far from trendy and lean heavily on the conservative side. Scarves add pizzazz, pattern, texture, and make me feel like I can mix up outfits and be pretty without be uncomfortable! The infinity style also allows for easy (read lazy) wearing and quick adjustments.

Scarves Knit on TableAll our cotton scarves are left unfinished on the edges for a natural drape. The sewn joint is thin and comfortable on the neck. Arm knit cowls and scarves are all tested (by me!) for wearability. Unless expressly noted, yarn is synthetic or a synthetic blend that doesn’t lead to itching and irritation that some wool and other blends may.

This is the fifth post in our Get To Know Us series, but if you missed any of the other posts in this eight part series, you can find them all HERE. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!

Get to Know Us – The Shop

We are four weeks into our Get To Know Us series! Have you been following along? So far I’ve shared the story of Nothing Past Nine and its name, as well as introduced myself and my sister – the two contributors to the shop. Now that you know us, it’s about time I shared a little about the business itself, huh?

Nothing Past Nine is an Etsy-based online retail shop that specializes in handmade cloth and paper goods. Our primary products are scarves, both chunky knit and cotton fashion, and paper goods include greeting cards and gift tags. The biggest joy of working through Etsy though, is the ability to reach people who want a custom item and trust you to create their vision. These projects are both more challenging and rewarding, pushing us beyond our own imaginations.

Etsy Homepage 5/31/15The Etsy site provides a fantastic avenue for sales, and a small glimpse of what we do behind the scenes. To build this company, expand our reach, and allow us to serve our customers in different ways, we started this blog. As the entrepreneur behind Nothing Past Nine, I have been blessed to have numerous sources of support and guidance regarding small business ownership. This blog is an avenue to build relationships and give back to the community that has been such a big help to me. Even if it’s just to put a smile on someone’s face or add a project to his or her to do list!

Finally, another way we try to connect with others is through social media. We have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and we hope you’ll follow us for pretty items, fun project ideas, small business tips, great bad jokes, motivation, and more!

Our Grand Re-Opening is one month from TODAY! Are you following our sneak peeks? How about our Summer Daze series? Lots of work going on around here! What are you up to?

This is the fourth post in our Get To Know Us series. If you missed any of the other posts in this eight part series, you can find them all HERE. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!


Get to Know Us – Jenny

Welcome back and Happy Memorial Day! Hope you’re able to enjoy a long weekend and take time to remember those who give us the freedom to relax!

Week three of our introductory series on Nothing Past Nine features my sister, Jenny. She designs and contributes to the products you see on our Etsy site, as well as providing feedback and valuable advice on the business side of the shop.

Becky & JennyJenny has been a huge inspiration to me throughout my life. As the little sister, I wanted to be just like her, and she has never steered me wrong! Our day jobs are in the same industry, we’ve worked in the same venues, and have very similar tastes and hobbies.

Our family is spread out across the country, and as Jenny and her husband Dave live in Tennessee, they are our closest relatives. It is wonderful to have them within driving distance, and we take advantage of seeing them when we can. My furry niece Bear, has been the best addition to their family and always adds a dose of excitement to our visits!

Jenny’s talents at the sewing machine expand Nothing Past Nine’s ability to offer a wider range of products, while her personal style provides a bright splash of color and pattern – usually stripes! It is a joy to work with my sister in this way, and I hope you’ll introduce yourself to her!

This is the third post in our Get To Know Us series. If you missed either of the first two posts in this eight-part series, you can find them both HERE. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!


Get to Know Us – Becky

Happy Monday! This week, I’m going to share a little about myself, and let me tell you right off the bat, I actually enjoy Mondays (after I get out of bed)! I appreciate the start of a new week, and since I’m still feeling rested and productive, the day flies by! Sunday nights are the worst, dreading Monday morning, but after some coffee, I’m ready to get going.

Anywho, my name is Becky, and I am the owner and founder of Nothing Past Nine! I grew up in Wisconsin and love everything about my home state. From eating brats and drinking a beer, to the beauty of the fresh fallen snow, I love the variety and personality of Wisconsin. My adopted home of North Carolina is a close second though. The two have much in common, and I feel lucky to have created a home – and business! – here in the Land of the Pine.

Screen shot 2015-05-16 at 7.22.26 PMRecently married, my husband Matt and I love to get out and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. Nature is a wonderful adventure and provides us both with a sense of peace, stability, and relaxation. I personally get a lot of creative energy from Mother Nature’s work and tend to seek that out when I am in a bit of a rut.

Matt and I both have jobs in the sports industry, which can be grueling at times. Music and graphic design are his outlets, while I’ve channeled my creativity into what you’re going to see through Nothing Past Nine. I also love learning and am often trying new techniques, new ideas, and expanding my crafting capabilities.

I am so excited to interact with all of you! Let me know who you are, what you like to do, and where your creativity lives!


This is the second post in our Get to Know Us series. If you missed the first post in this eight part series, you can find it HERE. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!

Get to Know Us – Our Story

My lovely mother and I at my wedding. Spring 2015.Hello there! My name is Becky, and this is the first post in a short series designed to introduce you to who and what Nothing Past Nine is all about.

In the most simplistic sense, we are a small, Etsy-based, online retail shop that specializes in handmade cloth and paper goods. On a human level, Nothing Past Nine came about as a way to share my talents and creativity with others. It is also a way to keep my many projects focused and my hands busy!

The name “Nothing Past Nine” is a personal reference to my childhood. I have always been a projects person, and my very intelligent mother told me early on that I should not start anything new after 9:00pm. She dealt with my frustration and tears until I took that lesson to heart – and I haven’t forgotten it!

I am so grateful to my mother and my sister for helping develop my skills, sharing their knowledge, and instilling a desire to create. You’ll have a chance to meet my sister in a couple of weeks, but here is my beautiful mother! She is my hero.