Get to Know Us – Our Story

My lovely mother and I at my wedding. Spring 2015.Hello there! My name is Becky, and this is the first post in a short series designed to introduce you to who and what Nothing Past Nine is all about.

In the most simplistic sense, we are a small, Etsy-based, online retail shop that specializes in handmade cloth and paper goods. On a human level, Nothing Past Nine came about as a way to share my talents and creativity with others. It is also a way to keep my many projects focused and my hands busy!

The name “Nothing Past Nine” is a personal reference to my childhood. I have always been a projects person, and my very intelligent mother told me early on that I should not start anything new after 9:00pm. She dealt with my frustration and tears until I took that lesson to heart – and I haven’t forgotten it!

I am so grateful to my mother and my sister for helping develop my skills, sharing their knowledge, and instilling a desire to create. You’ll have a chance to meet my sister in a couple of weeks, but here is my beautiful mother! She is my hero.