Summer Daze – Week 1

Summer Daze HeaderAs part of the build up to our Grand Re-Opening on July 1st, we wanted to share the types of posts that you’ll be able to expect from the improved Nothing Past Nine. What better way to do that than by celebrating summer! Each Wednesday between now and the launch, we’ll be sharing fun summery topics as a taste of what’s to come!

Today we’re looking at the title of this series: Summer Daze. The noun “summer” is defined as:

the warmest season of the year following spring and before autumn

Heat can be draining, and here in the Carolinas it can be humid and downright miserable for this northern transplant! Daze, most commonly used as a verb, stems from the Old Norse dasask which means to become exhausted.

Sometimes I feel like we try to pack so much into our summer months that we lose the fun and relaxation. Have you ever gone on a vacation only to come back and be more tired and stressed than before you left? I have! What about planning so many camps, trips, lessons, projects, etc. that you’re busier than you were during the rest of the year?

These Summer Daze posts will be far from stressful! Let’s take this season between spring and autumn and embrace the daze! Let’s relax and take advantage of this thing they call downtime, and if , along the way, you want to try out some of our ideas, I promise you won’t regret it!

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One thought on “Summer Daze – Week 1

  1. You know, after I wrote this, I realized something. I truly do want to “embrace the daze” and let summer wash over me this year. What I failed to add is that I also need to AVOID the daze of running from one commitment to another to the point of not even knowing what day it is or where I am. Two sides to every coin! What are your thoughts?

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