Sneak Peek! – Organization

Stack of NotebooksTackling this re-opening has been daunting. It’s one of those situations when you get really excited, and then realize the amount of work you’ve given yourself is pretty darn ambitious. You know what I mean? I am beyond excited to start sharing new content, new projects, a new look, a revamped Nothing Past Nine, but to get to that point, there’s a lot of work that has to happen behind the scenes.

Since one of the goals I have for this “new” Nothing Past Nine is to be more open about how I survive running a small business (more on our goals next week!), I thought sharing how I’ve gotten myself organized is a great place to start! There are a million free resources for small businesses of all kinds, but here are a few of the simple things I’ve done so far.

  • I set a date. I made a decision and announced the Grand Re-Opening for July 1st. Now everyone is holding me accountable, and I have a hard deadline!
  • I got out a pen and paper. Seems silly, but putting my thoughts and goals on paper has always made them seem more important, more tangible.
  • I made lists. Lots of lists. Ideas are crucial, but to see these ideas become reality, I’ve made a list for each one. These include what I need to have or do in order to execute the concept. Maybe it’s what photos I have to take, or how to utilize social media, or what would be included in a blog post.
  • I created a content calendar. Laying out what is happening when has made prioritizing work much easier.
  • I started uploading content. Scheduling posts ahead of time has been a game changer for me. I personally use Hootsuite, although I know there are other great options out there.
  • I’ve read and researched. You’ll start seeing more of the apps I use, systems I’ve found, resources I use, people I follow, etc. in coming posts!

Hopefully you weren’t expecting anything earth-shattering! These are basic first steps, but as I reflected on what needed to change to make Nothing Past Nine all I know it can be, I realized there was a lack of purpose behind the business. Posts happened when I thought of something – no reason, no goal, no plan – but no more! I’m on a mission to advance my mission!

How do you organize yourself when starting a new project? Any tips or advice for me?