Relaunch Recap

Screen+shot+2015-07-01+at+8.07.17+PMWe’re more than two weeks into the Nothing Past Nine “Grand Re-Opening,” and I want to see what you think and give myself a reality check in the process!

You’re currently enjoying the most important aspect of the relaunch which is this website. The idea was to be modern, clean, and  highlight the products from the shop. I mean, without the products, there is no Nothing Past Nine! Not only does the website look great, but it has a lot of the functionality that make it more appealing on the back end. Did you notice the URL??? Even something like that is a big deal in the small business world!

Social media (and unfortunately blog posts) are still slow going, but elements are coming together. Understanding what I’m posting about and WHY as the girls at With Grace and Gold cannot recommend enough, has helped me gain a better grasp of what I’m doing. Now its starting the process of acting on that knowledge!

Lastly, new products have FINALLY been making their way onto Etsy. Woooooo!! If you haven’t checked out our new scarves, do it now! Ok. If you can’t do it now, just do it soon! I know it’s not technically scarf season, but these are some of my favorites to date. (Which is problematic if you’re my husband!) I’ll also be adding some more paper goods in the near future that I’m pretty proud of!

How about all of you? What projects have you been working on or goals have you been making progress toward? Are you preparing for Christmas already? I just saw that there are 22 Fridays until Christmas or something like that. Crazy!