Sneak Peek! – Real Life

20150613_100113You may have been expecting this sneak peek yesterday, and I fully intended to provide an inside look at what’s planned in terms of content for this blog and some social media platforms, but………life happened.

And in this case, I wasn’t mad.

My beloved Pontiac Bonneville has been a major part of my life through big changes and exciting times. We were reaching a tipping point, though, where the car was starting to cost more than it’s worth, and we feared taking it on trips beyond my commute to and from work.

20150613_155402I’ve been in the market for a new vehicle for some time, and we had a test drive scheduled for yesterday. Never did I think we would leave my Bonne in the lot that day and drive away in a brand new vehicle, but that’s what we did. While I am extremely excited to have a new car and the smell and the perks and the bells and whistles and the peace of mind…it felt like I left a piece of me sitting, sad and lonely in that parking lot.

My husband thinks I’m silly for being emotional about a car. Have you had to trade in memories for a new vehicle? Was it tough or am I over thinking things as usual?