Why I Took Beginner Knitting

20150816_145952I admit it. I signed up for Beginner Knitting and already “knew” how to knit. (Never fear – this was disclosed to the instructor!) So, why on earth would I take a basic class in a skill I already knew?

1|  I know my weaknesses. Yes, I had a working knowledge of the fundamentals, but did I know how to knit effectively? Heck no! It was all self taught, and I knew I could be better.
2|  I believe in foundations. Not only did I know that I could do a better job of accomplishing the skills I already had, but I knew that if I started from the beginning and learned properly, I would have a solid foundation for tackling more advanced tasks down the road.
3|  I wanted to slow down. Anyone who interacts with me for five minutes realizes that my brain goes 100 miles per hour around the clock. Going into the first lesson with the expectation that it would be slow, simple and straightforward kept me grounded. It made me focus on each step of each stitch in each row of each project. I began to understand concepts and processes – the why’s – as opposed to simply knowing how to complete a pattern – the how’s.

Do I recommend taking a beginner class in all the skills you think you know? No. That’s not practical, and you’d easily become frustrated. However, if you’re just starting out on something, picking something back up after a few years, or are self-taught and want to have a higher quality product – consider a basics class! It takes a lot for me to admit I need help, but with the proper guidance, I have made huge strides in my knitting in a few short weeks! When we open ourselves up, there can be huge rewards. I’m so grateful I took a chance and did something outside of my comfort zone. I’ve met new people, have more confidence in myself and my abilities, and am simply enjoying a craft that used to be more of a struggle for me.

Do you have a talent you want to be better at? Have you always considered taking golf lessons or basket weaving or Soups 101, but never made the commitment to yourself to do it?! Tell us what you want to learn, and we’ll be here with encouragement the whole way! Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too!

**UPDATE** I wanted to add that the day after I posted this, I was at my local yarn shop and there was a beginners’ class going on. As I quietly observed the session from the back of the shop, it struck me that another huge benefit of a class like that is the questions that are brought up. None is considered too basic, and I know not many people think like I do, so it’s wonderful to get their fresh perspectives!