Creative Business Dictionary: Determination

As a journalism major in college, I developed a strong affinity for words. They are deep, complex, and have the ability to convey multiple messages. Now, as a creative small business owner, many words have taken on new meanings, and I am constantly catching myself seeing the world from a different angle.

Each week, we look at a word that impacts creative businesses and share a free download to view, print, frame, ponder, or shred. We’d love to hear your stories of how these individual words have impacted your business or your life!

CBD Determination - SquareSeptember 17, 2015 – Determination

n. firmness of purpose; resoluteness; the process of establishing something exactly, typically by calculation or research

Determination is the fuel that makes success possible – be it over the course of a semester, a career or a lifetime. I cannot get enough of the phrase “firmness of purpose.” We each have a purpose and in my mind, to live fully, we need to conduct ourselves with a resoluteness toward that purpose; be it as a creative business owner, a stay at home mom, or the CEO of an international corporation.

I also find the concept of establishing something “exactly” through “calculation or research” to be highly intriguing. We’ve all heard the phrase, “come to the determination that ____,” but have you stopped to consider how you go through the process of determining? How do you calculate? How do you research?

This week I challenge you to re-think the word determination. Think about your purpose. Write it down. Share it with a friend. Maybe it’s your purpose for the day or the week or maybe your life. Regardless, keep this definition in mind this next week and maintain your determination! I’ll be cheering for you either way, but I’d love to have you share your purpose here!

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