Knitting Update

Last September, I joined The Knitting Guild Association and signed up for their Master Hand Knitting program. It is a three-level course designed to evaluate your knitting and knowledge with the goal of improving the quality of your work. The work is done individually and then submitted to a committee for review. There are knitted swatches, projects, worksheets, questions and essays. When I found this, I thought I’d died and gone to nerdy knitter heaven!

My primary goal in completing this course is to challenge myself and learn. I am always looking for ways to improve my crafts and here was a group waiting to help me! The other consideration is that it could give me some credibility in the knitting world to have gone through and successfully become a Master Knitter. I would love for my portion of our family income to come from crafting in SOME capacity and maybe this could open doors to test knitting, teaching, etc.

I am currently working on resubmitting the portion of Level 1 that was requested by the committee. It’s hard to be critiqued when you feel like you’ve submitted your best work, but I can already see an improvement on some of the things that were mentioned. I’m anxious and eager to get the materials sent back to see if they have improved and now meet expectations!

While working on Level 1, I haven’t been knitting other projects as much. I have two new cardigans I want to make for myself, plus a pair of socks that has been waiting ever so patiently for me to cast them on. Plus the dozen other ideas floating around in my noggin. Amazingly, I have a relatively free weekend coming up, so perhaps it is time to to put a few new projects on the needles…