Looking a little tired…

Nothing Past Nine has been “on vacation” for months and months. I even considered closing things up permanently, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I even spent hours working on elements for a new, snazzier website and it just never panned out because I didn’t have the time or energy to devote to getting it off the ground. It was disappointing at the time, and has niggled at the back of my brain ever since.

Being furloughed from my day job due to the current pandemic has given me a lot more time (obviously) and has forced me to seriously consider alternate work opportunities. With the addition of my son, my priorities look different and the positions that I am considering require different skills than may immediately show up on my resume. This website is the perfect place to showcase those talents, but right now…it looks sad and neglected. Because it is!

Time and again I’ve said “Be on the lookout for changes!” or “I’ll be posting on here more often!” In fact, I think most of my posts contain that sentiment. Now…I feel like I need to refresh the branding and make this website work for me. Heck, I’ve probably said that before too. Hopefully these forced days off will be the nudge I need to take this site to new heights so it doesn’t look new-parent tired like I do!