Nothing Past Nine has been around for going on five years – FIVE years! During that time, many things in my life have changed…and many haven’t! NPN has been a constant, always hovering on the edge of my active thoughts. In all that time, however, I’ve struggled to give the idea of NPN a true identity.

If you go back through this blog, there are many declarations and good intentions. Hit and miss stretches of quality work followed by prolonged silences. At times, Nothing Past Nine has recounted the different projects I’ve been working on around the house or in the craft room. Other times is been focused on the small business world. I’ve done mini business workshops and crafting classes. I’ve tried consistent scheduled posts, thematic posts, designed posts, random posts, thoughtful posts, funny posts. You name it – I feel like you could find it here!

This particular post isn’t meant to be any of those things, but rather…all of them! There isn’t going to be a grand declaration of “THIS is the identity of Nothing Past Nine!” Instead, this post is meant to provide myself with a little grace. Our identities as individuals change throughout the course of our lives, and I’ve decided to think of NPN as growing with me. I know that’s not the way to grow a following or “make it big,” but I don’t want or need that. I need an outlet for my creativity, my projects, my goals. Perhaps Nothing Past Nine’s identity is just that; a safe space to share me.

However that evolves as we approach the big five year anniversary and beyond, I’m excited to take NPN with me. Whether that’s a post every other day or every other year. Anyone who wants to share the journey knows where to find me!