Nothing Past Nine has been around for going on five years - FIVE years! During that time, many things in my life have changed...and many haven't! NPN has been a constant, always hovering on the edge of my active thoughts. In all that time, however, I've struggled to give the idea of NPN a true … Continue reading Identity

Small Affirmations

Don't the proverbial "they" say that the first step is the hardest? Or...getting started is the toughest part? Something along those lines? Regardless, I've been thinking back on how much work it was to set up Nothing Past Nine, and the anxiety I felt before getting my first real sale. (Sorry friends and family, you didn't … Continue reading Small Affirmations

It’s Happening!

Big ideas in the new year are all well and good when you aren't planning a wedding that's happening shortly after!  Nothing Past Nine has suffered throughout my wedding planning process, and no more so than in the past few months.  I have decided to develop this lapse into an opportunity for growth and change.  Many of … Continue reading It’s Happening!