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Social MediaI have not perused Facebook or Twitter or Instagram in almost two weeks and you know what, kind readers? I’m alive! I am well! I have enjoyed the company of my fiance each night and it has been wonderful! Now, I may have missed a few things here and there, perhaps more than a few. Yet, I find myself not caring all that much. My friends and family mean a great deal to me, but if I need to share something with them, I do. If they need me, they can get a hold of me.

Going through a mental rough patch is not made any easier by watching the exciting and beautiful lives of others that are played out on social media websites. Neither is it enhanced by the negativity of those looking for pity. Prior to these last couple of weeks, I was a slave to “the Book” and caught myself saying things like, “I have to catch up on Facebook” before scrolling for an hour. That would lead to feelings of “wow, my life is boring” or “I wish I was able to hang out with all my friends too”. It just wasn’t healthy!

This hiatus isn’t permanent. I want to see photos of the people who make my life full. I want to stay in touch with those far away. I want to be connected; in a positive, fulfilling, and meaningful way. This little experiment has been liberating and I’m not ready to give up that freedom yet. But soon.

Are you a slave to social media? Does it consume you or are you able get away when you want to? What are your strategies for managing your time and emotional input?


One thought on “Social Freedom

  1. I loved this post! I’m personally a bit addicted to social media, mainly pinterest and that’s the only social media outlet that I get super excited when I gain more followers. ( I don’t think it consumes me, but it is good to take a social media vacation every so often.

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award, it is for newer bloggers to gain followers and readers. Go to this link for more details and happy blogging!

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