Sneak Peek! – Calendar

**You’ll probably hear me say this many times, but technology is great!…when it works. Or in this case, when the user uses it properly. In my hurry to get on the road for vacation (more on that in a later post!), I never actually clicked “Schedule” for this post. Sorry for delay!**

One of my flaws is that I have a very hard time admitting I am wrong. I am sure no one else has that problem, right?? Ha! This sneak peek is a bit embarrassing because I want to share my content calendar, but it admits that I was wrong and horribly stubborn. Let me explain…

Peony CalendarThis is what I want you to believe my calendar and my desk and my life look like: beautiful fresh flowers, a neat and clean calendar, a tidy stack of client folders, etc. There are times I even convince myself that this is what Nothing Past Nine looks like! Then reality hits, and I look around my office/guest room/crafting studio and realize I’m a small business operating as a hobby in a rented townhouse. I can’t even paint my walls! (And believe me, they are all a pretty hideous fleshy color, so I would be on that in a heartbeat!)

That is my calendar and I do try to keep my folders in order, but the flowers were left over from a coworkers’ sister’s wedding and that is my personal calendar I started to keep wedding details together. Below is my true content calendar that keeps me on task with Nothing Past Nine.

Around the end of February or beginning of March, I decided I needed to write out my business calendar on paper. So during a normal run to the store, I swung through the clearance aisle and found a simple monthly/weekly planner. Price couldn’t be beat, and I wanted to get started right away. If you’ll take a moment to review the top left hand corner of the planner, you’ll see my error.

20150531_094511Rather than laugh, admit what I’d done, and get a 2015 planner, I stubbornly decided to use the darn thing. No wasted dollars in THIS business! All the dates have to be re-written and half the time, I still look at the wrong ones. However, it brings me great joy to see what is going on with the shop each day!

So there it is. A sneak peek at my error, my stubbornness, and one way I keep myself organized on a daily basis! Do you still use a hand written calendar? Are you dedicated to one particular app? I’m always looking for new ways to be organized so share your thoughts for us below!

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