Sneak Peek! – Goals


I find it ironic that this is the color I am painting my nails today!

Where did the week go?! It’s already time to let you in on another behind-the-scenes secret regarding our Grand Re-Opening! (That date again is July 1st in case you missed it!)

One of the ideas that many business books preach is setting goals. Never been very good at that – or at least, I’ve never been very good about sticking with and actually documenting goal progress. That being said, I figure it doesn’t hurt to try again! Below are some of my broad goals for Nothing Past Nine and why I’m going about things the way I am.

  1. I am going to stay organized. I have a day job that keeps my mind occupied virtually 24-7. While I love organizing and making lists and charts as you’ve learned, keeping my business organized has never been a priority. I would tell myself it isn’t as important, or it’s just a side project, a hobby. Whatever state your business is in, if you love it and want it to succeed, you need to have a handle on all aspects. To do that, you need to be organized.
  2. I am going to be consistent. Since opening Nothing Past Nine, I have been woefully inconsistent in my ownership. Days, weeks, dare I say months have gone by where the shop was little more than a passing thought. Check out our social media posts and you’ll see what I mean! I am not giving up the day job anytime soon, but having a direction and being purposeful about my work with the shop will keep me active on a consistent basis.
  3. I am going to build a brand. No, I don’t see NPN becoming a worldwide sensation, but I do want it to be a solid brand that stands for something. As part of this re-launch, I have been developing a business plan that includes a mission statement. This wasn’t important to me initially (remember my negative thoughts of this is just a hobby), but having a purpose written out is extremely valuable and has been an incredible process to think through. Now I’m excited to think there is a “why” behind this business!
  4. I am going to grow personally and as a business. By pushing myself to develop as a business owner, a crafter, and a person, I believe Nothing Past Nine will reap great rewards. There is always something to be better at, something new to try, and if I continue to put myself out there, there will be huge benefits in terms of business growth and personal growth.
  5. I am going to give back. I have been blessed to have found some incredible sources of knowledge, inspiration and motivation since opening the shop. Many are cultivated by women who support the idea of community instead of competition. I have honestly never been very accepting of that concept because I love being the best. As I grow and mature as an entrepreneur (and human being!), I’ve had to redefine what “the best” means, and I am thrilled to be realigning my views and sharing more of my journey through Nothing Past Nine.

I know, I know. These probably aren’t the types of sneak peeks you were hoping for, but they will get juicier I promise! Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!

This is the second sneak peek post! If you missed the first, you can find it HERE. Enjoy!