Who I Am and Why I’m Here

In my constant quest to learn and improve myself, I stumbled across a series of blog posts from The Daily Post called Blogging 101 – Zero to Hero.  It’s a 30-day challenge to learn how to blog and/or improve your blogging skills.  I may not be able to do the 30 days IN 30 days, but I’m gonna give it the old college try!  Below is my first entry…

My name is Becky, and I’m an overachiever.  (Yes, I’m hearing a group of people say “Hi, Becky” in my head…)  This isn’t the first post on this blog, nor is it even my first blog, but when starting a new challenge, it’s only right to start from the beginning and go with the flow.  Aaaaaaaaand I’m a detail oriented person who needs to check every box and complete all steps.  🙂

This blog is meant to be an extension of my Nothing Past Nine shop that I run through Etsy.  While I’d love for you to read my posts and immediately want to buy my products – that’s not the goal here.  I’m a real person, with real struggles and real joys.  I enjoy crafting because it allows me to be creative and make an idea a reality.  There is nothing more exhilarating for me than starting a new project.  Probably why I have so many…but I digress.  Not everything I create ends up in the shop – far from it! – and without online, printed, or otherwise shared ideas and tutorials from talented men and women near and far, I’d be lost.  If I can help one of you readers in some way, then this blog has helped to pay forward what all of those crafters have done for me.

It was scary for me to launch Nothing Past Nine, and I am still very new to the entrepreneurial lifestyle.  What I hope to be, though, is open to the process and sharing my journey.  I could have written my thoughts in a private journal, but that felt selfish.  If you came to me from the shop, you were curious about the woman (or women since my sister contributes too!) behind the shop.  Hopefully, I can share what goes on behind the storefront and explain what makes Nothing Past Nine unique.  NPN is comfortable and accessible for any level of “stylish” human being.  Whether you’re a pretender like me, or the best darn gift wrapper in the world.  This blog will feel likea bit of  all of that!