Tag Lines

Blog ScreenWelcome to the world behind the shop

The next step in my blogging challenge is addressing the name and tag line for this blog.  The name is kind of what it is.  I like that it reflects the name of the shop and connects the dots for people that might find me through other means.  The tag line though, that’s tough!  It’s like a headline, and I always had trouble with those during my Journalism School days.

Seriously.  How do people come up with these iconic headlines that say so much in so few words?!?!

Point is, when I started this blog I used the tag line “Welcome to the world behind the shop” because I couldn’t think of anything better.  So I left it at that and hadn’t really thought about it again until now.  Not sure the current line completely fits what I’m going for, but then again, it kind of does.  I’m so wishy washy!

What do you think?