WANTED: Crafter with Fair Experience

Blog Countdown BoardI’m branching out, kind readers.  Not far, but I’m branching out.   In two short months, I will be participating in my first craft fair.  The event is at my church so it’s a comfortable environment, but I know that this bazaar has a good reputation in the Charlotte area.  To me that equates to a good turnout and craft aficionados who know their stuff.  Commence worrying!

Although I work in a people job, I have no confidence looking people in the eye and talking about my products.  A lovely associate at my craft store asked what made my scarves special last weekend, and I didn’t have an answer for her. Not a good start!  My education will be helpful for thinking about the business things, but does anyone have any advice for me as I prepare for my first fair?  Tips on display?  How to talk to people who aren’t impressed?  How does the shy girl make a sale?!  What will I need that I won’t think of?