Happy Places

So I have a few places in the world that I call my “Happy Places.”  Home would be the top of that list, and I include my parents’ house and my future in-laws’ house in that as well.  After all, home IS where the heart is!  Any and all Joann Fabrics stores are on the list as well, even though its rare that I ever leave one without spending my hard earned money.  The venue we are getting married in always makes me happy, as does anywhere I can be outdoors with my fiance in the peace and quiet – so humbling.

Now that you’ve been lulled into a tranquil state of mind, let me take you to a new “happy place” that I discovered recently.  DIY Home Sweet Home is a blog dedicated to all things me – crafts, organizing, life hacks, free printables, gardening, and more! There’s an entire binder full of fun organizational print outs!

DIY Home Sweet Home Planner

Jamie does a nice job keeping things simple, open and honest.  Projects are attainable, photos are realistic, and while I am admittedly not a huge fan of the overall look and feel of the blog…its straight forward.  Even the product reviews I’ve read haven’t been too over the top.

It probably won’t shock you that I’ve already spent more than my fair share of time on here, but there’s just so much to discover! I’ve already seen things that I could incorporate for the wedding…for the shop…for my life.

Alright, I’ve gotten that off my chest and get back to browsing the blog….er…finishing those to-do items before going back to work tomorrow!  Happy Monday!