Changing Fall Colors

Fall Colors 1 - traditionalWhen the temperatures drop and the breeze picks up, it’s hard not to jump on the fall bandwagon. As someone who loves the outdoors and natural decor, it truly is like a breath of fresh air! The outdoors are bearable again and there are so many beautiful ways to create a cozy home that embraces the season.

Now, I love the traditional autumnal colors and warm hues like red, orange and yellow, but as I began to bring out my harvest pieces, I realized that very little of it fits the mold for textbook fall style. That got me thinking, why should I feel limited to three colors? There are so many incredible ways to bring non-traditional colors into your fall look!

Fall Colors 1 - jewel tonesDo you love deep, rich colors? Bring some jewel tones into your space to complement the more natural neutrals that fall gives us! I love how Scout & Nimble incorporated navy into their tablescape through napkins and a burlap ribbon on the wooden crate. It adds a touch of class and refinement to what is otherwise a fairly eclectic design.

The porch scene arranged by Kate Riley manages to maintain a life and vitality that many fall themes lose. The gorgeous purple mums coupled with stunning coleus prove that while it may be harvest time, there is still lots of growing going on!

Fall Colors 1 - muted tonesMaybe you prefer a little more subdued color palette. Swap out the saturated jewel tones for muted earthy hues, and you have another amazing recipe for success. I mean, look at this beautiful mantel design by Michelle at Dandelion Patina. My rural Wisconsin roots make me immediately want to go out and buy a windmill, and those wooden candlesticks are a perfect complement for height! (I can’t not mention the squirrel! He’s adorable!)

Ok. Maybe after checking out Nothing Past Nine you’ve noticed that these are my kinds of colors. But can we just take a moment to enjoy the beauty of white pumpkins? I don’t say this very often, but *SWOON*! The combination of white and grapevine pumpkins looks unbelievable in the blue tinted crate! I want every bit of this design Laura put together over at Finding Home Farms.

Which way do you lean? Are you a traditional type with lots of warm colors? Do you go a little bolder with more lively jewel tones? Or are you like me and get excited about the soft, muted earth tones? I’d love to hear your thoughts, or better yet – share some photos of your fall colors! I can’t wait to see them!

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Summer Daze – Week 4

Summer Daze HeaderIt’s JUNE! School is – or will be – out soon and it’s time for some fun in the sun! And Week 4 of our Summer Daze Series! Last week’s post was for the adults, but this week should satisfy the whole family!

If you’ve been following Nothing Past Nine in any capacity for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed we LOVE the outdoors! Hiking, biking, kayaking, and basically any other opportunity we get to explore and appreciate the wonder and majesty of Mother Nature – we’re all about it! Also, speaking just for myself now, I don’t think kids can get enough fresh air and activity – especially during the summer. This post is designed to provide some simple sunny (and rainy) day projects for your crew, be they young or old!

Yard Boggle Scrabble Cardboard5Board games were a huge part of my childhood and luckily I married into a family that has the same affinity! There have been a plethora of outdoor versions of many standard games flooding Pinterest, and while I would love to create something as sophisticated as this outdoor Scrabble board, I don’t have the time or resources to do that! HERE is an extremely inexpensive alternative! I love that From the Carriage House used their tiles to play Backyard Boggle too! WHEN I make my set of tiles, I will create a Scrabble set with point values and probably make them out of wood. At least something that would last more than one season! I also love this tutorial for Dominoes from Iron & Twine.

So, those may be activities for the older segment of your party, but if you haven’t seen this idea for lawn Twister, you’re missing out! Totally customizable to your munchkins (i.e. smaller dots, spread further apart or closer together), this painted lawn game will easily disappear thanks to Mother Nature! I liked Jillee’s idea of using a pizza box for template and spacing the dots!

Backyard YahtzeeUnfortunately, as my husband and I are still renting a townhouse in a golf course community, we don’t have a ton of outdoor space to entertain. This next game has been a staple in my family since before I was born, and my favorite memories of my grandmother include playing Yahtzee! Easy to teach, this classic even promotes good decision making and counting skills for the youngsters! While this tutorial from Momtastic is a bit advanced, I love the look of the dice and know this could easily be done with foam cubes, cardboard, paint, etc.!

Finally, although I could go on and on about this topic, a couple of ideas for the wee lads and lasses. For sunny days, Chicken Scratch has an extremely simple tutorial for a DIY Tic-Tac-Toe game that has an adorable bug theme. While I think the lady bugs and bumble bees are the bee’s knees, I may or may not have a plan to create a Minions set – yellow good Minions vs the purple Evil Minions!

Galaxy SlimeLastly, for those rainy days, I couldn’t resist sharing one of the many stretchy, oozy slime recipes! I love the education aspect of Twodaloo’s Night Sky Galaxy Slime. I may have to ask to babysit some of my friends’ children so I have a reason to make some of this! It’s so shiny…and colorful….and stretchy…

OK! I’ve got projects to tackle now! How about you? Will any of these make your to-do list for this summer? What’s your favorite? What would you add to this list? Share your ideas and your projects using #NPNsummerdaze on Instagram!

Outdoor Style Addition

2014-05-27 18.22.04I bought my fiance a pair of Adirondack chairs for Christmas, and he had fun assembling them and giving them a few coats of protective finish.    We’ve used the chairs almost every evening since the weather improved, and while they are comfortable and beautiful on their own, I’ve been itching to add a couple of pillows for a pop of color and style.  My friend Joli gave me a beautiful collection of fabric remnants as a gift for my birthday, and there are so many fun, bold patterns, I knew I could find a couple that would look fantastic.

2014-05-27 18.22.37Putting a pillow outside with the humidity, pollen, sun, etc. made me a little nervous though.  Plus, the fiance didn’t want to take away from the natural comfort and simplicity of his chairs.  After convincing him that it would be a small addition and wouldn’t take away from his chair, I had what I am dubbing a stroke of brilliance.

Recycling is something we try to do a lot of, but plastic bags pile up in our house.  I never remember the reusable shopping bags like I should, and my solution is to recycle the plastic from time to time.  For this project, rather than putting those bags into the recycling bin, I put them into my pillow cases!  You’d never know by looking at them.  They aren’t meant to add comfort, and since I don’t have to worry about mold, mildew or other things growing in my pillow, it seems like a brilliant idea!

I’m sure there’s a downfall, but as of now, I’m just enjoying the feeling of having added a bit of style on the porch. What do you think?

Happy Places

So I have a few places in the world that I call my “Happy Places.”  Home would be the top of that list, and I include my parents’ house and my future in-laws’ house in that as well.  After all, home IS where the heart is!  Any and all Joann Fabrics stores are on the list as well, even though its rare that I ever leave one without spending my hard earned money.  The venue we are getting married in always makes me happy, as does anywhere I can be outdoors with my fiance in the peace and quiet – so humbling.

Now that you’ve been lulled into a tranquil state of mind, let me take you to a new “happy place” that I discovered recently.  DIY Home Sweet Home is a blog dedicated to all things me – crafts, organizing, life hacks, free printables, gardening, and more! There’s an entire binder full of fun organizational print outs!

DIY Home Sweet Home Planner

Jamie does a nice job keeping things simple, open and honest.  Projects are attainable, photos are realistic, and while I am admittedly not a huge fan of the overall look and feel of the blog…its straight forward.  Even the product reviews I’ve read haven’t been too over the top.

It probably won’t shock you that I’ve already spent more than my fair share of time on here, but there’s just so much to discover! I’ve already seen things that I could incorporate for the wedding…for the shop…for my life.

Alright, I’ve gotten that off my chest and get back to browsing the blog….er…finishing those to-do items before going back to work tomorrow!  Happy Monday!