Creative Business Dictionary: Courage

As a journalism major in college, I developed a strong affinity for words. They are deep, complex, and have the ability to convey multiple messages. Now, as a creative small business owner, many words have taken on new meanings, and I am constantly catching myself seeing the world from a different angle.

Each week, we look at a word that impacts creative businesses and share a free download to view, print, frame, ponder, or shred. We’d love to hear your stories of how these individual words have impacted your business or your life!

CBD Courage - SquareOctober 8, 2015 – Courage

n. mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty; the ability to do something that frightens one

Do you consider yourself a courageous person? I don’t! I like my comfort zone and playing it safe. There are not many people who take fewer risks than I do! At least…that’s the story I’ve been telling myself for years.

You and I each have a tremendous amount of courage, but we may not be giving ourselves enough credit. It took courage for me to start Nothing Past Nine, and it takes courage each day I continue this path of entrepreneurship. It takes courage to get up and go to the office, to the doctor, even to step outside in today’s world. One of the thoughts that struck me while reading this post is that it does not say that courage is the absence of fear. It says that courage is dealing with fear; whether that’s withstanding it or moving past it.

This week (and hopefully beyond!), I have challenged myself to see my own courage as many ways as possible – in my personal and professional lives. There are going to be things in life that we are scared of; we even talked about fear in last week’s post. It does not matter whether the situation scares us a little or a lot, we all have courage to overcome what frightens us!

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Land of the Free

l30154aI am a sucker for free stuff, but who isn’t?!  In my crafting world, there are three types of free “stuff” that I cherish: free patterns, free ideas, and free items.

Free patterns are everywhere if you look for them (or subscribe to emails that send them directly to you!).  Some, like the American Flag pictured, are provided by companies looking to sell you something.  Others are provided by crafters who just love sharing their passion and spreading the joy of creating.

Pinterest is the Mecca for free ideas, but truthfully…any magazine, home design show, or friend’s living room can do the same thing – inspire.

I think its safe to say I don’t go a day without being inspired.

Sharing ideas leads to modifications and tweaks that develop new ideas and promote innovation.  I worry that I may use someone’s idea too literally without due credit, but by the same token, I hope that I can provide ideas to the world in the same way and expect no credit. (NOTE: I do try my hardest to list sources and do not condone stealing/piracy!)

Finally, there’s found items; things you come across – whether in nature or a dumpster or grandma’s closet – that just scream “I’m useful!”  I tend to horde many of these such items in my craft room, which my fiance is fine with…as long as they stay in the craft room.  I’m pretty sure I could walk past pretty much any pile of rubble and feel the wheels start turning.

So why this post today?  I told myself my email folder of promotional messages needed a scrubbing tonight and I can’t just delete things without looking at them…right?  The next hour flew by looking through free patterns on Lion Brand’s website which lead to many, many new project thoughts and money saving schemes.  Do you have this problem too?  Or are you able to keep your projects in check?  I mean…I still have wedding crafts to do before the fall hits!  How does one “pause” creativity?!