I love learning. Maybe it’s something new. Maybe it’s something I haven’t done in awhile. Being project-oriented, I have more book and articles to read, projects to start, and plans to execute than I will ever have time for.  Many of these come from the resources on this page.  I hope they are as helpful to you as they have been (or will be!) to me, and I would love to see and hear about the resources you find beneficial!

NOTE: this page will always be a work in progress. Check back for new links and resources!

  • Craftsy – I love their online classes. I’ve tried a few patterns. I never visit this website without wanting to learn eight new skills or attempt half of the projects I see.
  • Ravelry – Users on Ravelry are honest, straightforward and create stunning patterns of all types. Knit and crochet. Free site, but must create an account.
  • Ana-White – My husband has gotten into building projects lately and the plans from are awesome. Good mix of projects and styles, with great options and photos for finishes. We even built the table we used as an altar at our wedding from this site!

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